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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Figure Stix?

  • Figure Stix are a Patent Pending product made in the USA.
  • Figure Stix help kids, their parents, grandparents, friends, close neighbor, not so close neighbor...anybody play with and move around small figurines that are compatible with the leading brands of brick mini figurines and their friends, into building structures that may be more difficult to fit a hand into, even if it has a roof!
  • Figure Stix make playing with your minifigures possible.

What are Figure Stix compatible with?

Figure Stix are compatible with the leading brands of brick minifigures and mini-dolls.

What are the dimensions of Figure Stix?

Figure Stix are about 6"x1"x5mm...The perfect size for helping your minifigures, mini-dolls, and their friends play in building structures they previously missed out on.

Where are Figure Stix made?

Figure Stix are proudly made in the USA in Spokane, Washington!

Go Ahead...

Don't let your figurines and their friends miss out on another day playing in your brick built structures!

(It's cold out there)

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  • Ashley

    Loving our Figure Stix so far. My son likes to make lego movies and these are super handy for motion shots and fight scenes. Love that they are getting the green screen color now too!

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